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Chromia's Ledger Digital Asset Protocol

Real-World Assets Come On-Chain


Welcome to the documentation for Chromia's Ledger Digital Asset Protocol (LDAP). This resource is designed to guide you through the protocol's innovative use of blockchain technology to tokenize real-world assets, paving the way for a new chapter in the management and trading of financial instruments and assets.

The Evolution of Asset Tokenization

Blockchain technology has the opportunity to radically reshaped the investment landscape, enabling instantaneous trading of various tokenized assets. These range from securities, artwork, and commodities to real estate. Through its immutable, transparent, and highly programmable nature, blockchain technology is primed to usher traditional financial instruments and assets into the digital realm.
The concept of tokenizing real-world assets is the next evolutionary step in financial products and services. The technology is set to revolutionize various aspects of the capital-raising supply chain - from fundraising and investor onboarding to governance structuring, payment processing, trading, and custody management.
In the following sections of this documentation, we'll delve into the specifics of the Ledger Digital Asset Protocol (LDAP), discussing its benefits, its applications, and how it can be utilized to shape the future of asset management and investment. The reader should use this documentation as a reference guide for understanding the mechanics of the LDAP protocol.

Getting started

Before using the Chromia Ledger Digital Asset Protocol (LDAP), developers and organizations should understand the Chromia blockchain. The following resources can help you get started:
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